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Seattle Canopy
Adaptive Canopy Systems by AWNEX

Automatic Drive-Thru Order Entry Increases Drive-Thru Sales while Reducing Drive-Thru Lane Time by 30-40%!

AWNEX designs, engineers, manufactures and installs awnings, canopies, signs, ATM and drive-thru covers and other bolt-on architectural enhancements for the QSR, retail and banking markets. We provide complete branding solutions including:

The key to our success is our turn-key approach to each and every one of the thousands of projects we have completed across the country. We take ownership of the field measurements, manufacture and installation to ensure that every construction project goes smoothly despite the inevitable surprises. Our products not only provide the necessary protection from the elements but just as importantly make a significant branding statement for our clients.

AWNEX is proud of the attractive and distinctive design solutions we have provided our clients, regardless of the challenge, location and building type. These clients include:

  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Chain stores
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Educational institutions
  • Medical complexes

When major corporate brands need a new, fresh and relevant look, they come to AWNEX. The next time you have that same need; contact us for your complete solution.